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Training and Professional Development
Certified and registered training hours for the early childhood workforce.

Who It Serves
Child care directors, Early Care and Education Providers

How It Works
Registered and certified trainers provide high-quality training to child care provider staff.
Parents as Teachers
Home visitation and group support for families, before birth and through age five.

Who It Serves
This program is designed for parents and caregivers with children ages 0-5.

For expectant parents, teen parents, foster parents, and anything in-between! We serve children O through age 5, Parents as Teachers (PAT) provides 2 personal visits a month from a parent educator and group sessions with other families.

Screening and assessments help identify developmental concerns for children. PAT can then connect families to outside resources they may need.

How It Works
A certified parent educator works with the family to schedule personal visits. A personal visit averages one hour for each child under five in the home and focuses on parent-child interaction, child development, and family well-being. In-home coaching with trained parent educators' community-based workshops and classes.
Raising A Reader
Raising a Reader helps families develop, practice, and maintain home literacy habits.

Who It Serves
Raising a Reader is designed for families with children ages 0-8, with a focus on the preschool years.

How It Works
The program includes a weekly book rotation, parent engagement, literacy experiences, and library connections. In-home coaching with trained parent educators and Community-based workshops and classes.
Countdown to Kindergarten
Countdown to Kindergarten supports transitions into kindergarten by connecting incoming students, their families, and their teachers in a series of one-on-one sessions during the summer. .

Who It Serves
The program is designed for rising kindergartners who are at potentially higher risk for early school failure. 

How It Works
Teachers complete six one-hour sessions with each child's family, five in the family's home and a final visit in the kindergarten classroom.